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Garden designer Victoria Wade shares her tips on creating a wellness oasis

Setting the scene for the hot tub

At the centre of her garden, Victoria Wade has created a cosy and natural wellness oasis with a Skargards hot tub. Surrounded by silver birch trees, ferns, grasses and a rippling pond, the wood-fired hot tub is elegantly nestled between two stone walls. The UK garden designer has some recommendations for those planning to integrate a hot tub into their own garden, too.

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Victoria Wade is relaxing in her self-designed wellness oasis with a Skargards hot tub

Victoria reveals her tips on creating a wellness area for a hot tub - and will even be gifting a custom concept design to one lucky UK customer. Find out more at the end of this article.


  • Victoria has paid particular attention to choosing a quiet and undisturbed spot in her garden. She advises future hot tub owners to carefully consider this as well. "Making sure the area around the hot tub is screened off and out of sight allows for a sense of privacy and relaxation," she explains, listing examples such as a fence or natural barriers nearby, such as trees, evergreen plants or bamboo. These not only look magnificent, but also create a special feeling of being close to nature. Trellises with climbing plants are also a great option.
  • According to the UK garden designer, a good space should balance accessibility and distance. In other words, the hot tub should be neither too far nor too close to the house.
  • Victoria recommends considering the overall view by "positioning the hot tub strategically to make the garden look picturesque".

Keep the surrounding elements minimal so that the hot tub remains the main feature without overcrowding the space.

The design: 

  • Base: Generally speaking, a Skargards hot tub can be placed on a typical stone or concrete base, a wooden deck or a Mediterranean-style gravel bed. "A gravel bed gives a natural look and is more cost-effective for a budget-friendly garden," Victoria hints. She also suggests "planting herbs and drought-loving plants such as perennial daisies and thyme in the gravel." Wooden decking in shades of grey accentuates the colour of the hot tub, giving it a cosy look and making it possible to walk barefoot. She herself chose to put slate slabs, which are robust and comfortable.
  • Path: To ensure that the path to and from the hot tub is just as comfortable as the warm soak itself, Victoria advises building an accessible path that can be walked on easily without shoes. Here, too, she opted for slate slabs.
  • Overall concept: For those interested in a coherent design, Victoria recommends incorporating wood elements throughout the garden decor, such as wooden fences embellished with lush vegetation.

  • Design focus: When designing the wellness area, it's important to emphasise the hot tub. The key is simplicity. "Keep the surrounding elements minimal so that the hot tub remains the main feature without overcrowding the space," she advises. "The space should look clean and uncluttered so that the hot tub takes centre stage."

  • Ambience: Plants are a great addition and can also provide shade. Victoria enjoys the fact that her hot tub is under a canopy of silver birch, ferns and grasses, thus creating a forest ambience. However, plants such as honeysuckle and jasmine are also great options that give off a lovely scent in summer. Victoria's garden also has a natural pond. "The location of the hot tub offers a peaceful atmosphere, which is enhanced by the calming sounds of the flowing water," she remarks, adding how much she enjoys the sound of frogs croaking in springtime.

  • Comfort: For added comfort before or after bathing, it's worth including some seating in the hot tub area, such as benches or deckchairs. She also recommends a towel rack as well as the Skargards side table to set down drinks.

  • Lighting: To add the finishing touches to the wellness area, lighting is something worth putting some thought into. "We used uplighters to illuminate the trees around the hot tub. This creates a soft and atmospheric light," says Victoria. Another option is to install light garlands, which are both relaxing and beautiful.

  • Final tip: To use the hot tub in any weather, it is a good idea to have covered seating nearby, for example to put towels and change clothes if it's raining.


If you've ever wondered what your own hot tub wellness oasis would look like, now's your chance to find out. Take part in a unique Skargards contest for a chance to win a digital garden design. Not only will the design be customised by garden designer Victoria Wade, the lucky winner will also receive a brand new Skargards Regal DualBurn® 190 hot tub.

You have until May 31 to submit high quality photos of your garden, including the location you have in mind for your Skargards hot tub. Send your application to

​​​​​​​One lucky winner will be selected.

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