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At home with Nick and Vikki 

Carving out a slice of paradise

Nick and his family live on the picturesque Channel Island of Guernsey. To balance out their hectic work life as self-employed business owners, the couple and their daughter settled down on the south coast cliffs of the island. With its incredible view, their terrace received a much-needed update when they bought their Regal 190 hot tub. Now they enjoy their time off with a glass of wine in a wood-fired hot tub amid stunning surroundings.

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Nick and Vikki describe their home on the island as “paradise on Earth.” Whenever they are busy travelling the globe, they always love coming home to Guernsey. The island's rich biodiversity and beautiful beaches are reflected in its warm, welcoming people. “The closeness of everything on the island is something that seems to make families, friends, and communities stronger,” says Nick.

Sustainability has always been a key factor whilst renovating their house on the cliffs. Right now they are working on making their home as off grid as possible, so the addition of a wood-fired hot tub was an easy decision to make. 

They really liked the Scandinavian heritage and design of the Skargards brand. Moreover they loved the option of using firewood from their own land. As Nick and Vikki had used an electric hot tub for years, they quickly got used to the new system and enjoy the quietness of the wood fired experience. Now they've mastered the art of heating with wood and are enjoying their Regal hot tub at least twice a week. They also find it very easy to empty the water as well as clean the stove and tub. 

Nick and his family could not be happier. “We’re fortunate to have the hot tub located in a great spot on our property. We can watch the sun set as we enjoy a nice glass of something cold, gazing out at the sea and hearing the night song of birds. Our experience has been one of relaxing warmth, fun and laughter with family and friends. We really love our hot tub.” 

Our personal guiding principle is to make the most of every day and enjoy our surroundings.

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