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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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A man lifts a boy in the Regal wood-burning hot tub while a woman walks with a girl towards the hot tub

Premium hot tub accessories

Personalise your experience

Whether you’re looking for added style or convenience, our luxury hot tubs can be fitted with a broad selection of accessories to customise and complement your Skargards experience.

Accessories by model

Premium hot tub accessories

All Skargards hot tub accessories include free shipping throughout the UK.

Insulated lid — Panel
Insulated lid — Regal
Flue guard
Hearth plate

Filtration system

Equip your Skargards hot tub with a filtration system to enjoy the same bathing water for multiple weeks.

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All above-mentioned hot tub accessories are designed for seamless use with all Skargards hot tub models. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of these hot tub accessories with other hot tub brands. When ordered with a Skargards hot tub, individual accessories are stowed underneath the tub for transport — be sure to remove them before installing the hot tub.

Most but not all hot tub accessories can be retrofitted if purchased at a later time. Furthermore, some hot tub accessories must be assembled on-site to facilitate transport. Please contact us for any questions on these matters, we will be happy to help.