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A scenic tour of a Swiss Maiensäss 

Closer to nature with a wood-fired hot tub

When Nicole and her family hop into their hot tub, they're treated to a breath-taking view of the Swiss mountains. 

By Martin QuirionPhotos Daniela PorwolLocation Schweiz

A family enjoys a bath in the Skargards Regal wood-burning hot tub in the Swiss mountains

Originally built in 1740, their traditional log cabin, or “Maiensäss”, is perched at an altitude of 1600 meters and has been owned by Nicole's family for over a century.  

Over the summer, the picturesque scenery welcomed the addition of a Skargards hot tub. “It's fantastic to heat the stove with wood and nothing else, and in no time you have a beautiful wellness area to relax in”, says Nicole.   

On weekends and holidays during the spring and summer months, the family of five can escape hectic everyday life and unwind in the heart of nature. The wood-fired hot tub is a perfect fit for the cabin which has no electrical components whatsoever. “We have no electricity, warm water or Wi-Fi up here”, she mentions. As for the hot tub, only the bubble jet and lighting systems require a power source, so she makes use of an emergency generator for the time being. However, there are already plans to install a solar panel for this purpose.

This is actually not the first Skargards hot tub in the family. Indeed, Nicole's mother Ottilia added a wood-fired hot tub to her hotel garden three years earlier. Since then, visitors of Landhaus Weber have been reaping the relaxing benefits. “Our guests think it's great to relax in our hot tub far away from roads and traffic noise. No need for cellphones, internet or other”, Ottilia explains.

It was the high quality, easy maintenance and quick heating time that originally convinced her. She also found the heating process to be simple and straight-forward. “The Regal hot tub from Skargards has a special stove that cleanly burns the wood. One of the key factors was to heat in an environmentally-friendly way”, she remarks.

It's fantastic to heat the stove with wood and nothing else, and in no time you have a beautiful wellness area to relax in

It was not long before Nicole also expressed enthusiasm for her mother's little oasis. This is what led her to get a Skargards Regal for her family's Maiensäss, as the wood stove is ideal for heating the water high up in the mountains.

Now the family is always looking forward to the next chance they'll get to admire the natural surroundings in their hot tub. The only downside is that the road to the cabin is blocked in wintertime due to the large amount of snow. Nevertheless, Nicole is well aware of how relaxing a hot tub can be at cold outdoor temperatures. Even in summer, the evenings can get quite chilly at 1600 meters, in which case the hot tub becomes a reliable source of warmth and fun for the entire family.

Ottilia and her hotel guests show the same appreciation. “It feels so good to sit in the warm water as the snowflakes swirl down around you. The world slows down and the moment can be enjoyed to the fullest”, she describes.

Now that winter is on the way, Nicole eagerly awaits the spring season when she will be able to use her hot tub again. In the meantime, she knows that she is always welcome at the Landhaus Weber hotel for a relaxing evening in her mother's wood-fired hot tub.

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