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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Insulated lid

Not only does the Skargards premium insulated lid protect your hot tub from dirt and precipitation, it also substantially reduces heating time and preserves warmth after use.

  • Effective hot tub protection
  • Significant heating acceleration
  • Compatible with all Skargards hot tubs

Most highly recommended accessory.


Ready to ship in 72 hours

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Ready to ship in 72 hours

Including 20% VAT

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Heat retention

The benefits of insulation

The insulated lid can be left on the tub while logs burn in the stove, thus accelerating the heating process by up to 30% in winter. The lid also preserves the warmth in the hot tub after use — any heating required the following day will be significantly reduced.

Ease of use

Convenient and safe

Foldable in the center for your convenience, the insulated lid is fitted with four clips to reliably secure it to the hot tub when it is not in use. Moreover, the insulation material is lightweight to make the lid easy to handle.

Two editions

The right lid for your hot tub

The insulated lid for the Regal hot tub comes as a single unit thanks to the unique stove integration. Due to the design of the Panel model, the lid is comprised of two sections — one main piece that covers the bathing area and another one for the wood stove.

For the Panel edition, the main section of the lid can remain on the bathing area to accelerate heating whereas the stove section must be set aside.


Lid for Regal

Lid for Panel


Lid for Regal

Regal 190 — 17 kg
Regal 220 — 24 kg

Lid for Panel

Panel 190 — 21 kg
Panel 220 — 24 kg


Lid for Regal

Regal 190 — 190 cm
Regal 220 — 220 cm

7 cm

Lid for Panel

Panel 190 — 190 cm
Panel 220 — 220 cm

7 cm


Polystyrol EPS 200 insulation
Steel frame
Marine-grade vinyl


Please contact us by email to receive Skargards manuals in PDF.

What's included

1 x insulated lid
4 x safety clips
4 x screws

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