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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Connection kit

This kit contains everything you need to connect the filtration unit to your Skargards hot tub, including 10 meters of winter-proof hose, multiple valves and all the essential couplings.

  • Includes 10-meter winter-proof hose
  • Compatible with all Skargards hot tubs

Necessary for use of the filtration system.


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Local setup

Bridging hot tub and filter

The bathing water circulates through an external filtration cycle. Since every garden and configuration are different, a manual is provided to perform on-site assembly. The suction head is pre-installed in the Skargards factory and the other components of the connection kit are stowed underneath the hot tub for transport.

Filtration distance

Planning ahead

Where will your filter and pump be stored? The connection kit contains a 10-meter hose, which means a distance of 5 meters between the hot tub and the filtration unit. For those who need it, additional hose length can be ordered per meter as an accessory. 

It is recommend to not exceed a distance of 15 meters between hot tub and filter..

Long-term storage


It is straightforward to disconnect the filtration unit for long-term storage e.g. in winter. Simply close the valves and you can use the hot tub the traditional way without filtration. Alternatively, you can add a frost protector and an insulated lid to make your filtration system winter-proof.

Orderly installation

The finishing touch

No one wants their private oasis to be cluttered in filtration components. All around the hot tub, there is a 4 cm gap between the cladding and the ground. This makes it easy to lead hoses and cables at any which point so that you can enjoy your hot tub in orderly fashion.


Connection kit for filtration

Hose dimensions

Inner diameter
25 mm

Outer diameter
32 mm

10 m


Please contact us by email to receive Skargards manuals in PDF.

What's included

1 x winter-proof hose (10 m)
1 x suction head*
3 x valves
1 x T-coupling
1 x PVC glue (50 ml)

*Pre-installed when connection kit is ordered with a hot tub

Accessorise your hot tub

All accessories

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