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What is the difference between the canvas cover and the insulated lid?

The insulated lid protects the hot tub from dirt and precipitation, as does the canvas cover. As an added advantage, the lid can remain on the hot tub while the wood burns in the stove. This can accelerate the heating process by up to 30% in winter, and of course to a lesser extent in summer. The lid can also preserve the heat in the hot tub after use, so that heating will go significantly faster the next day. It is foldable in the centre for ease of use and storage.

The canvas cover is an affordable alternative to the insulated lid. It does not accelerate heating or preserve heat, but it protects the hot tub from dirt and precipitation. The canvas covers need to be removed before starting the fire because they wrap around the flue pipe.

For areas with heavy snowfalls, the insulated lid is recommended due to its higher weight resistance.

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