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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Why a wood-fired hot tub from Skargards?

There is something uniquely delightful about sharing a hot tub with family and friends, no matter the age. We deliver pre-mounted hot tubs that you can use right away.

A woman sits on the edge of a Skargards Regal that is build in a wooden terrace of danish garden, while a man is firing up the stove of the hot tub.

Superior comfort

Our models all have one thing in common. They all offer incomparable comfort for the most enjoyable hot tub experience. As we know, people tend to move around quite a bit in a hot tub, whether it's picking up beverages, laying ones head back or jumping in and out of the snow. That's why our hot tubs have nicely rounded edges that make it easy to hop in and out, while also serving as a cosy neck and arm rest. The concave shape of the backrest extends into a shell-like seat that also provides comfortable leg support. The absence of borders gives added flexibility regarding the number of people that can be seated.

We are convinced that no where else than at Skargards will you find a hot tub with such superior comfort.

A year-long experience

You can comfortably enjoy several consecutive hours in a hot tub with your family and friends and make the fun last until late into the night.

Every one of our models is designed for use throughout the entire year. The energy output of our stoves is 4 to 5 times higher than electric hot tubs of comparable sizes, resulting in faster heating and better preservation of warmth even on very cold days. This is important because bathing in a hot tub under a starry winter night is said to be breath-takingly beautiful.

How our hot tubs work

No matter which Skargards hot tub you choose, the water is warmed up with a wood-fired stove. Each model is built in such a way that no electrics or pumps are needed, giving you the freedom to enjoy your hot tub not only in your own garden, but also in remote, picturesque areas.

A wood-fired hot tub is traditionally emptied after every use. For those who would like to reuse the same water for multiple weeks at a time, a filtration system is available. Lake water, tap water and well water are all appropriate sources. Skargards hot tubs are also made to withstand natural salt concentrations found in seawater.

A wood-fired hot tub comes with hardly any operating costs. All you need is water and wood. When not being used, it doesn't cost you a single penny.

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
They don't do 6 stars!
I have taken 12 months to write this review (Aug 22). I hope it answers some of the questions I wanted to know before I bought. We spent an age looking at hot tubs for the garden and a friend told us about a "Swedish" hot tub they had.. one look at it and we said "yes, that's what we want"... it was a Skargards hot tub. Off to the website we went. We ordered the Regal 190 DualBurn with steps, lid, cowl cover, flue guard, shelves, hearth plate and of course... lights and bubbles (not purist Swedish I know.. but its a hot tub!). Yes it was relatively costly but its "best in class" and we were doing this once. n.b Do note the "ready to ship" time when ordering.. this is the time your tub will leave the factory in Sweden and "starts" its shipping to you which is longer, involves customs clearance and its definitely not a "next day". From memory it was about 5 weeks to actual delivery so allow for this when planning. Skarguards kept me informed of progress and the delivery day arrived. These are a big lump to handle and arrive on a euro pallet on the back of a curtain side HGV.. make sure you have good access!!! The initial positioning takes a bit of brute force and a good grip is hard to get. It would be good if Skarguards provided some lifting straps as it would have made life easier. Don't underestimate this first positioning it took 4 of us to lift it to position. Once in position the actual final assembly is quite easy as the majority is pre assembled and the instructions are good. I did break a shelf bracket when installing however the Skarguards customer service (Mark) were fantastic and sorted me out straight away. Really first class. Having seen the friends hot tub, they had not varnished the wood, and the sun and time had aged it... but still looked good. I put on two coats of Ronseal satin varnish soon after it was delivered and it really makes the wood colour "pop out". I recommend doing this to the tub, steps and shelves. One winter and summer later it still looks perfect. The wood burning stove is easy.. The key is to build a small kindling fire stack and let this burn up leaving the fire door open, then add larger split logs once its heated up the flue system and close the door.. if you fill the firebox with wood and just light it.. hide from neighbours until the smoke stops!! If you use the small fire start.. it smokes a little for a few minutes and then is more or less smokeless. It does smell good though, especially when in the tub! n.b. The flue gets very hot, I think the flue guard is a must regardless if children are present or not. Heating from cold takes about 2 hours to "hot" and maybe half a dozen logs or so. There is no thermostat!!! in Sweden they "just add more snow" which can be tricky, even in Yorkshire! I have found filling it 10cm above the hot outlet heats the water quicker and then top up with the hose to a good temp. Keeping it hot is easy, just add wood.. if we feel it's getting a little too warm.. "bubbles on" which helps cool or simply add more cold from the hose. After just a few trials you get a feel of what to do, its not an issue. Seating? It states it will seat 5 to 7 people.. and it will. Its lavishly spacious for two people and would be comfortable for 4 adults. For seven.. you would need to be good friends! The white finish tub interior and chrome are designed to take sea water.. tricky in the middle of the UK but Radox, bath salts, bath bombs, spa salts have all gone in ours over the last year and zero marking (one glitter bath bomb was a pain to rinse as I let it dry!) Draining? We sited the tub 30m from a drain.. if we are using just water we can drain out on the garden however with sea salts in the water we installed a flexible pipe to the drain and added a small pond pump to the line. Drains in about 10 mins. The installed drain hose only extends about 1m or so from the tub so plan for this. Electricity?... you don't need it however we wanted lights and bubbles. There is a pre installed RCB plug installed and we extended this into the summer house. This needs planning for. The actual controls in the tub are touch control.. two buttons.. bubbles on/off and lights "on", "dim" or "off". Cleaning? Easy.. get a mop and hose pipe and open the drain tap! As its a wood burning stove small flecks of charcoal from the flue inevitably end up in the water and you need the hose and mop to chase the last stragglers out of the tub. Bizarrely you don't notice these until you drain it. What's it like to actually use? Build the fire as above, heat it up with the lid on.. take the lid off (have somewhere near to store it), add spa salts or not, add people, add G&T or preferred beverage, sit back, watch the stars and enjoy the little bit of everyday luxury you bought yourself... it's awesome. I can and do fully recommend the Skargards Regal 190 DualBurn hot tub.. "a one off investment in a lifetime of enjoyment!"
18 July
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