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Swiss tradition meets Swedish design

Warming up in a hot tub in the mountains at Chalet Rösi

Even as young boys, Mathias Büschlen and his three brothers found a sense of freedom, simplicity and family in this old wooden house in the Swiss mountains. For many years, it was under the care of their great-aunt Rösi. Keeping the house in the family was always a given, so it was passed down to her niece, and then inherited by the four brothers in 2020. As part of their plan to modernise the property, they spruced it up with a wood-fired hot tub in 2022.

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"Visiting Aunt Rösi and Uncle Gottfried always felt like time travelling’’, explains Mathias’ brother Michael. ‘’Our heritage and identity are rooted here. Our family and this house give us a profound sense of belonging.” Since 1996, holidaymakers have enjoyed the breathtaking Alpine view at Chalet Rösi. Over the past two years, however, the Büschlen nephews have begun to add their own distinctive style as well as some contemporary touches – including a wood-fired hot tub. In the fall of 2022, the terrace was adorned with the Regal 220 DualBurn®, a premium wood-fired hot tub made by Swedish company Skargards. 

It was an instant hit. From the tub, guests can admire a breathtaking view of the mountains. Warming up the water is quick and easy for guests, even in winter, notably thanks to the insulated lid. "Many people enjoy a warm evening soak to relax after a day of hiking or skiing. Some even skip a day of activities to relax at Chalet Rösi instead and make the most of the hot tub," Mathias points out. It's something special that one can’t get from flipping a switch, as commonly seen in the digital world. Consciously winding down and taking an active part in the process leading up to the experience, this is what Mathias and his brothers want to convey to their guests.

"To relax in the warm water while taking in the panorama view of the mountains – it's something truly unique!" Despite how often he has seen it, Mathias Büschlen still cherishes the stunning landscape surrounding the house. He is the oldest of the four brothers and is responsible for the guests, as well as other aspects of the business like marketing and website maintenance. In his hometown of Adelboden, the Swiss native enjoys spending as much time as possible in nature. "We Swiss are very fortunate when it comes to the beauty of our natural surroundings, with mountains and lakes. We have everything the heart desires, right on our doorstep. This love of nature was one of the reasons we went for the Skargards Regal." 

It’s like a dream! This is the feedback my brothers and I most often receive from our guests.

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