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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Redefining the wood-fired experience

The humble beginnings of Skargards can be traced back to 2006 when three young Swedes came together with a clear objective: to create a premium line of wood-fired hot tubs like no other.

A short history of Skargards
Company overview

Overview shot of the Skargards hot tub factory with production members

Our story

From vision to reality

The challenge was to infuse the simple concept of a wood fired hot tub with modern refinements while preserving what makes it special in the first place. Cherishing the old and embracing the new quickly became an integral part of the Skargards approach, something that made the company unique within the wood-fired hot tub industry.

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Our philosophy

From Sweden to your garden

Every hot tub delivered is a little piece of Sweden that we are proud to share with the world. Beyond the authentic wood-fired experience, our guiding principles are also rooted in long-standing Scandinavian traditions such as a profound respect for nature and the desire to bring people together.

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A short history of Skargards

A decade of making strides

A lot has happened since Skargards was founded in 2007. Here are some of the key milestones that have marked our journey.

  • 2022 — Di Gasell award for company growth
  • 2022 — Listed in the FT 1000 of the Financial Times
  • 2021 — Di Gasell award for company growth
  • 2021 —  Sales expansion into Italy
  • 2019 — London Prestige awards
  • 2019 — Superföretag award for healthy growth
  • 2019 — All Skargards hot tubs are CE-certified
  • 2018 — Superföretag award for healthy growth
  • 2018 — Di Gasell award for company growth
  • 2018 — Listed in the FT 1000 of the Financial Times
  • 2017 — Superföretag award for healthy growth
  • 2016 — Sales expansion into the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands
  • 2015 — New customer service office in Hanover, Germany
  • 2015 — Transition to bigger factory in Åmål, Sweden
  • 2012 — Sales expansion into Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • 2012 — Introduction of the Regal model
  • 2009 — Sales expansion into Norway and Denmark
  • 2007 — Introduction of the Panel model
  • 2007 — Foundation of Skargards

Steady expansion and award-winning team

Since 2007, our team has grown from 3 to 22 employees and Skargards has entered multiple new markets throughout Europe including Germany, France and the UK.

Skargards is proud to have garnered several awards throughout the years, including the FT1000 of the Financial Times as well as the Di Gasell award for healthy growth.

Company overview

Since the first Skargards hot tub was sold in 2007, production has increased every single year in order to meet growing demand. If the numbers are any indication, Skargards is thriving.

Production output

More than 20,000 Skargards hot tubs have been sold since the company's foundation in 2007.


Our international team is comprised of 34 dedicated individuals.

Countries & languages

Skargards delivers hot tubs to 13 countries in 9 local languages.

Office locations

Skargards' main production facility is in Åmål, Sweden.
International operations take place in Hanover, Germany.

Company address
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Satisfaction rating

Skargards is rated as ''Excellent'' based on 1000+ verified customer reviews compiled since January 2017.

1126 reviews


We are proud to have received the following distinctions.

  • Financial Times
    2022 & 2017

  • Dagens Industri
    2021 & 2017

  • VA
    Super business

  • London Prestige Awards

Swedish heritage

It’s no coincidence that Sweden is a breeding ground for some of the best wood-fired hot tubs in the world. Keeping warm has been embedded in our culture for as long as can be remembered.

  • Made in Sweden
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