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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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The new Skargards Regal

A wood-burning hot tub fit for royalty

Working in harmony with the laws of nature for maximum heating efficiency, the Regal is the original wood-burning hot tub with an integrated stove — a masterful combination of innovative technology and elegant Swedish design.

  • Powerful integrated wood stove
  • Ergonomic fibreglass tub
  • Low maintenance
  • Delivered fully assembled  More info

Rating: 4.9

62 reviews

Regal 190 for 5–7 persons

€ 4,890

Ready to ship in 1 week

Greater heating efficiency

The first-ever integrated stove

The Regal’s unique stove is ingeniously designed to optimise combustion and heat distribution while also minimising thermal energy loss. Natural circulation ensures an even temperature in the hot tub without any need for pumps or other electrical components.

Stove integration

A pure and open bathing area

The more the merrier

The Regal’s ergonomic fibreglass tub offers complete freedom of movement, and more room for company. Bring together three generations of family, celebrate with friends and relatives, or simply enjoy the superior comfort however you see fit. 

Fibreglass tub

Low maintenance

The luxury of simplicity

Ready-to-use upon delivery, the Regal features a robust undercarriage made of galvanised steel that will support the wood-burning hot tub in your garden. Maintenance is also a breeze, thanks in part to the convenient ash pan. Owning a hot tub has never been this easy.

  • Galvanised steel undercarriage

  • Ash pan for  quick disposal

  • Convenient draining valve

“Our design reflects the simple, timeless elegance that makes the wood-fired experience so special.”

— Fredrik Hofgaard, Founder

Specifications overview

Meet your technical requirements

High-quality materials ensure long-term durability, giving you peace of mind as the years go by. Skargards premium wood-burning hot tubs are CE-certified and therefore comply with all European health, safety and environmental standards.

Full specifications​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Regal 190

Regal 220

5–7 persons

8–10 persons

165 kg ...

Regal hot tub dimensions

195 kg ...

Regal Plus hot tub dimensions

The Regal features an integrated stove designed to heat the water with natural circulation …

Between 2 and 3 hours ...

Between 2.5 and 3.5 hours ...

The Regal is delivered fully assembled and equipped with with everything you'll need ...

  • Eco-certified Thermowood®

  • Made in Sweden

  • Certified product

Features at a glance

What sets the Regal apart?

  • Integrated stove made of high-grade stainless steel
  • Thermowood® cladding
  • Ergonomic glass fibre tub
  • Air regulator, grate & ash pan
  • Galvanised steel base frame
  • Chlorine and seawater resistant
  • CE-certified

Payment & delivery

Delivered ready-to-enjoy 

Except for final steps such as attaching the flue, the Regal hot tub arrives completely pre-assembled with the accessories you've ordered, including the bubble jet and lighting systems. Remember that the hot tub should be placed on a solid, level surface e.g. concrete base, wooden terrace, paving stones, etc.

The story of Toms Eco Lodge

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Skargards develops, produces and markets Swedish wood-fired hot tubs. Our factory is located on the coast of Vänern, Sweden's largest lake. Skargards is one of Europe's biggest wood-fired hot tub producers. Our products are sold in 13 countries throughout northern Europe. Receive your wood-fired hot tub from us exactly the way you imagined it. We build each and every hot tub as requested, then deliver it all the way to you – free of charge.

All the tubs are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, a material also used for building boats. We choose exclusively eco-certified wood for our wood-fired hot tubs.

Photo gallery

Made for all seasons

Whether in the comfort of your garden or in the great outdoors, the Regal provides a premium wood-fired experience all year-round.

December in Arvidsjaur, Sweden

Hot tub model: Regal 220

Photo by Triple X adventures

August in Stockholm, Sweden

Hot tub model: Regal 220

September in Penk, Austria

Hot tub model: Regal 190

October in Hyltebruk, Sweden

Hot tub model: Regal 220

“We have had the Regal for just over two months – it looks good, is easy to use and works extremely well.”

— Grant, Skargards hot tub owner, ​​​​​​​Trustpilot review

September on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Hot tub model: Regal 190

October in the Switzerland mountains

Hot tub model: Regal 190

May and July in Labastide-de-Penne, France

Hot tub model: Regal 190

Photo by Gonzalo Botet

Photo by @bestjobers

May in Denmark

Hot tub model: Regal 190

March in Stockholm archipelago, Sweden

Hot tub model: Regal 190

The interior

Learn more

The original integrated stove

​​​​​​​Learn more


Unique Stove Integration

A new breed of wood-fired

After successfully reimagining the traditional direct-heating stove, Skargards took on a new challenge — to reinvent the wood-fired concept entirely. This led to the inception of the Regal’s integrated stove, the first wood-burning hot tub of its kind. The original idea was inspired by classic Swedish ceramic stoves, or Kakelugn, which are used for interior heating and remain a prominent feature in old Scandinavian buildings.

Intuitive & convenient

A wood-burning hot tub should be both fun and easy to use. The aesthetic design of the Regal stove closely resembles a home fireplace, so you’ll feel comfortable using it right away. The wood is intuitively  loaded from the side through a cast iron door. The stove is equipped with a grate and ash pan for added convenience. Controlling the water temperature is a simple matter of sliding the air regulator in or out to adjust the intensity of the fire.

  • Easy temperature control

  • Ash pan for  quick disposal

  • Loaded from   the side

Engineered for efficiency

The science of taming fire 

Because the fire chamber is surrounded by cool water, wood-burning hot tubs usually do not reach an optimal burning temperature. Conversely, the Regal's integrated stove has been carefully engineered to do so in record time. The result is a clean burn that minimises both tar build-up and smoke output. Combustion and heat transfer have also been optimised to halve the amount of wood needed.

  • 50% less firewood
  • Optimal burning temperature
  • High-grade Stainless steel

Wide operating zone

Designed with safety in mind

A generous distance between the stove door and the flue ensures that the Regal provides users with a safe operating zone. In fact, the distance is 3x wider than that of any other wood-burning hot tub brand on the market. This is just one of several ways that Skargards honours its commitment to your personal safety.

Add a flue guard accessory for complete peace of mind.

Long-lasting durability

Quality starts with right materials

The Regal's integrated stove is built with carefully selected materials that ensure high performance and durability for years to come.

Inside view of the stove

AISI 316 stainless steel ensures utmost resistance to the natural elements. More info

Front view of the stove

The coated cast iron stove door is protected against heat and harsh weather conditions. More info

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

More questions about the Regal stove?

Below are answers to some of the questions you may still have about the integrated wood stove. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Exclusive tub design

Tailored for integration

In order to make the Regal’s integrated stove a reality, the fibreglass tub needed to be specially redesigned. Notably, a lower and upper channel now connect to the inside of the stove’s double walls, allowing the water to circulate naturally as it is heated. The result is a wood-burning hot tub with a pure, open bathing area.

Ergonomic seating

Comfortable by design

It goes without saying that comfort is of prime importance when choosing a wood-burning hot tub. All glassfibre tubs from Skargards are moulded into ergonomic shapes that support the contours of your body, not to mention a delightfully smooth surface. No flat wooden benches, no harsh 90° angles — once you get in, you’ll want to stay in.

  • Ergonomic shapes
  • Seamless rounded edge
  • Screwless design

“We wanted flexible, seamless seating so that the comfort could be enjoyed just as well alone as with loved ones”

– Filip Williamsson, Co-founder

Glass fibre reinforced plastic

Long-lasting quality

Luxury hot tubs should be built to last. The Regal's tub consists of glass fibre reinforced plastic to withstand the most extreme temperature variations. The strength, durability and light weight of this material explains why it is used for sailboat hulls as well. The surface coating ensures resistance to chlorine and seawater.

  • Multi-layered fibreglass
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Seawater resistant

Worry-free cleaning

Set your mind at ease

Traditional wood-burning hot tubs can be a hassle due to the amount of scrubbing required, whereas the glossy surface of the Skargards lining is exactly like the tub in your home bathroom. No tough corners to reach, no wooden interior to brush — simply wipe it clean with a cloth and get on with your day.

  • Corner-free interior
  • Glossy surface

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

More questions about the Regal tub?

Below are answers to some of the questions you may still have about the fibreglass tub and the bathing experience. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

In-depth specifications

Down to the last detail

Sift through the numbers to ensure that the Regal hot tub meets your technical requirements. If you can't find what you're looking for, remember that the Skargards team is just an email or a phone call away.


Regal 190

Regal 220

Seating capacity

Regal 190

5-7 persons

Regal DualBurn

5 persons
Adults only

7 persons
Adults and children

Regal 220

8-10 persons

Regal Plus DualBurn

8 persons
Adults only

10 persons
Adults and children

Note that these are maximum seating capacities. For more freedom of movement, Skargards recommends planning for 2-3 persons below the maximum capacity.


Regal 190

165 kg

With water
1365 kg

Regal 220

195 kg

With water
1895 kg


Regal 190

Exterior diameter
190 cm

Interior diameter
171 cm

Seat depth
65.5 cm

Tub depth
84 cm

Edge height
93 cm

Flue height
257 cm

Regal hot tub dimensions

Regal 220

Exterior diameter
222 cm

Interior diameter
200 cm

Seat depth
64.5 cm

Tub depth
84 cm

Edge height
93 cm

Flue height
257 cm

Regal Plus hot tub dimensions


Regal 190

Full capacity
1200 l

Regal 220

Full capacity
1700 l

This number is for a full hot tub without persons. With people inside, you need less water. We recommend to fill the tub with water up to 80% capacity.

Heating time

Regal 190

Heating the water from 6 to 39 ºC will take between 2 and 3 hours.

Regal 220

Heating the water from 6 to 39 ºC will take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.

Please note that heating times vary depending on multiple factors such as outside temperature, wood type, initial water temperature, etc. 

Heating recommendations


The Regal features the first-ever integrated stove designed to heat the water with natural circulation. The pressure generated by the fire pulls in the cold water through a lower channel. As it is heated between the stove’s double walls, the water flows up and back into the tub through the second upper channel. Without any electrical components, this circulation ensures an even temperature throughout the entire hot tub.

  • High-grade stainless steel

  • Air regulator

  • Ash pan

  • Loaded from the side

  • 50% less wood consumption


Skargards' signature ergonomic tub is crafted with 5 layers of glass fibre reinforced plastic because it is a strong, durable and lightweight material.

  • Multi-layered fibreglass
  • Ergonomic design
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Salt water resistant


All Skargards hot tub cladding and wooden accessories are made of eco-certified ThermoWood®  sourced from Scandinavia. The environmentally-friendly thermal process confers strong weather- and mould-resistant properties. According to the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the expected service life of ThermoWood® is over 30 years.

  • Eco-certified Thermowood®

Base frame

The Regal features a robust base frame made of galvanised steel. There is a circular foot in the centre that is surrounded by 7 or 8 feet on the edge of the hot tub. The feet are 4 cm in height so that hoses and wires can be led out at any point. This elevation also optimises air flow between the cladding and the tub, which in turn prevents condensation.

Regal 190

Rega DualBurn hot tub undercarriage

Surrounding feet
20 cm 

Centre foot
Ø 60 cm

Feet height
4 cm

Regal 220

Regal Plus DualBurn hot tub undercarriage

Surrounding feet
20 cm

Centre foot
Ø 68 cm

Feet height
4 cm


Located underneath the stove, the draining valve can be easily accessed. A 2-meter hose is included to direct the water outflow.

What's included

The Regal is delivered fully assembled and equipped with everything you'll need. All hot tubs from Skargards are built for long-lasting durability, produced with the highest quality materials. Each hot tub can be complemented with accessories such as an insulated lid, a side table and steps.

Standard features

  • Integrated wood stove made of AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Coated cast iron stove door with hardened glass window
  • Ergonomic fibreglass tub
  • Galvanised steel base frame
  • Sustainably-sourced, eco-certified ThermoWood® cladding
  • Fine-polished stainless steel flue
  • Brass draining valve

Made in Sweden

Every Skargards hot tub is designed and produced in Åmål, Sweden with the near-exclusive use of Scandinavian materials.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Certified product


Get instant access to the Skargards instruction manual for the Regal hot tub.

Premium accessories

Enhance the experience

Wether you’re looking for added style, convenience, protection or functionality, Skargards offers a wide range of premium accessories to customise and complement your wood-burning hot tub.

Accessorise your Regal

Shipping for free in Ireland