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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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The Skargards Terrass

A premium DIY hot tub for your deck

Build your own log burner hot tub into your deck so that you can enjoy a private oasis in the comfort of your garden. The specially designed wood stove ensures quick heating while the smooth, ergonomic shapes of the tub provide superior comfort for hours on end.

  • Multi-layered fibreglass tub
  • High-grade stainless steel stove
  • Thermowood® fence
  • Easy installation  More info

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Terrass 190 for 4–5 persons

€ 2,850

Ready to ship in 72 hours

Including VAT

Custom-built hot tub deck

A splendid combination of hot tub and pool

Have your DIY hot tub exactly how you imagined it. Positioned at the height of your deck, the elegant built-in concept offers the same accessibility as a pool. The multi-layered fibreglass tub is self-supporting, so no special reinforcements are required. The comfortable, ergonomic seating is the icing on the cake.

Fibreglass tub

High-grade stainless steel stove

Naturally effective heating

This DIY hot tub is equipped with the classic Skargards log burner that heats the water directly and effectively. This natural approach represents a precious opportunity for you and your family to disconnect from the ever-present technologies of the modern world.

Log burner

Durable thermowood fence

Functional and elegant

Made of long-lasting Thermowood®, the fence neatly separates the stove from the bathing area in minimalistic fashion, yet with optimal functionality. It is secured by a removable locking clip for quick and easy maintenance — just pull the pin and lift the fence.

  • Eco-certified Thermowood®

  • High-grade Stainless steel

“Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature.”

— Penelope Hobhouse, British garden writer and designer


Specifications overview

A brief technical overview

High-quality materials are the key to long-term durability. For you, this means peace of mind as the years go by. Skargards works exclusively with Scandinavian and European suppliers for the production of every premium log burner hot tub.

See full specs ​​​​​​​


Terrass 190

Terrass 220

4–5 persons

6–8 persons

75 kg …

Terrass 190 hot tub dimensions

100 kg …

Terrass 220 hot tub dimensions

The Terrass stove is an enhanced version of traditional log burner hot tubs …

Between 2 and 3 hours ...

Between 2.5 and 3.5 hours ...

The Terrass is delivered fully assembled and equipped with with everything you'll need ...

  • Eco-certified Thermowood®

  • Made in Sweden

  • Certified product

Overview of features

What's special about the Terrass hot tub?

  • High-grade stainless steel stove
  • Easily removable Thermowood® fence
  • Ergonomic GFRP tub
  • Completely screwless design
  • Draining plug with floater 
  • Suitable for chlorine and seawater
  • CE-certified

Payment & delivery

From Sweden to your home 

Simply choose one of three secure payment options to complete your order. After production and dispatch, one of our trusted transport partners in the UK will call you to arrange a convenient date for delivery.

Skargards develops, produces and markets Swedish wood-fired hot tubs. Our factory is located on the coast of Vänern, Sweden's largest lake. Skargards is one of Europe's biggest wood-fired hot tub producers. Our products are sold in 12 countries throughout northern Europe. Receive your wood-fired hot tub from us exactly the way you imagined it. We build each and every hot tub as requested, then deliver it all the way to you – free of charge.

All the tubs are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, a material also used for building boats. We choose exclusively eco-certified wood for our wood-fired hot tubs.

Photo gallery

Your DIY hot tub for all seasons

Looking for some ideas? Peruse our photo gallery ...

August in Stockholm, Sweden

Hot tub model: Terrass 220 

“We're very happy with our Terrass hot tub from Skargards — The design is great”

— Stuart, Skargards hot tub owner, Trustpilot review

July in Fjällbacka, Sweden

Hot tub model: Terrrass 220

Interior of Terrass

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The classic log burner from Skargards

In harmony with nature

A log burner is the authentic way to enjoy a hot tub. After all, what could be more natural than burning logs in a wood stove to heat the water directly? At the same time, this quaint experience offers a welcome break from the technologies that surround our modern lifestyles.

Straightforward heating

Mastering fire, made easy

You may be surprised by how simple a log burner hot tub is to use. Just lay some kindling and logs in the stove, then start a fire. You can adjust the burning intensity using the stove lid that regulates the air flow. The height of the fire chamber facilitates wood loading and it's large size accommodates long logs to keep refills to a minimum.

  • Large fire chamber
  • Easy temperature control

Robust construction

Built for year-round use

Every log burner hot tub from Skargards is designed to withstand the elements, including cold Swedish winters. The Terrass stove is made with AISI 316 stainless steel for maximum durability. The round shape of the barrel confers strong resistance to warping, even in cases of extreme variation in temperature. The log burner sits in the tub where it can heat the water directly, thus preventing any thermal energy loss such as that seen with stoves placed outside the hot tub.

  • High-grade Stainless steel

  • Winter proof

Secure stove enclosure

Certified for safety

The bathing area is neatly protected from the stove and flue thanks to a protective fence. Made of treated wood, the wide handle on the stove lid ensures safe use by preventing heat conduction. These are just a few examples that explain why only log burner hot tubs from Skargards bear the CE-certification seal.

  • Certified product

Creative enhancements

There’s always room for improvement

Log burner hot tubs get their charm from an elegant, straightforward concept, and yet there are still always ways to innovate. The optimisation of air flow and water circulation is one such example.


Safe to use thanks to a wide handle, the stove lid serves to regulate air flow. A side-channel on the right of the log burner allows the air to reach the fire's core for maximum heating intensity.

Two channels are located at the bottom of the log burner where the most heat is released. The Venturi effect boosts the natural circulation of the water for an even distribution of the warmth throughout the tub.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

More questions about the Terrass stove?

Here are the answers to some of the questions you may still have about the Terrass' direct-heating log burner. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Durable fibreglass lining

Built to last

Crafted for robustness and long-lasting quality, all Skargards tubs are made with five layers of glass fibre reinforced plastic to make them strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Thanks to a special top coating, the log burner hot tub can be used with chlorine and seawater.

  • Multi-layered fibreglass
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Seawater resistant

Comfortable seating

Ergonomic shapes, superior comfort

The other disadvantage of a wooden interior is the rigid seating. Instead of harsh 90° angles, Skargards tubs are uniquely designed for full body support. Ergonomic curves and shapes make them suitable for people of all heights. The result is an level of comfort that is unmatched on the market.

  • Ergonomic shapes

Hassle-free maintenance

For your convenience

With wooden seats and pesky corners that constantly need scrubbing, traditional log burner hot tubs can be a hassle. The glossy outer layer of the Skargards tub makes for a smooth, easy-to-wipe surface. In fact, it is just as quick and straightforward to clean as the bathtub in your home — just unclip the fence and use a wet cloth.

Thermowood stove enclosure

A safe bathing area

Constructed with durable Thermowood® and reinforced with a stainless steel frame, the fence safely and elegantly encloses the stove area in the tub. A locking clip holds it in place and can easily be pulled out when the fence needs to be removed for maintenance.

Ocean Blue option

Add some colour

All Skargards hot tubs come in a standard pearl white colour. For turbid water from a well or a lake, ocean blue is also available as an option.

Terrass 190 for 4-5 persons

Terrass 220 for 6-8 persons

Please note that the optional ocean blue colour is priced at £150 per hot tub, whereas the standard pearl white colour is included at no extra cost.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

More questions about the Terrass tub?

Find answers to some of the questions you may still have about the Terrass tub. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Full Specifications

Because details matter

Below you'll find in-depth technical specifications for the Terrass DIY hot tub to make sure all your requirements are met. And if any of your questions are left unanswered, the Skargards team will be happy to help.


Terrass 190

Terrass 220

Seating capacity

Terrass 190

4-5 persons

Terrass 190 dimensions

4 persons
Adults only

5 persons
Adults and children

Terrass 220

6-8 persons

Terrass 220 dimensions

6 persons
Adults only

8 persons
Adults and children

Note that these are maximum seating capacities. For more freedom of movement, Skargards recommends planning for 2-3 persons below the maximum capacity.


Terrass 190

75 kg

With water
1425 kg

Terrass 220

100 kg

With water
1900 kg


Terrass 190

Exterior diameter
190 cm

Interior diameter
171 cm

Seat depth
65.5 cm

Tub depth
85 cm

Flue height
294 cm

Terrass 190 hot tub dimensions

Terrass 220

Exterior diameter
220 cm

Interior diameter
200 cm

Seat depth
63.5 cm

Tub depth
85 cm

Flue height
294 cm

Terrass 220 hot tub dimensions


Terrass 190

Water capacity
1350 l

Terrass 220

Water capacity
1800 l

This number is for a full hot tub without persons. With people inside, you need less water. We recommend to fill the tub with water up to 80% capacity.

Heating time

Terrass 190

Heating the water from 6 to 39 ºC will take between 2 and 3 hours.

Terrass 220

Heating the water from 6 to 39 ºC will take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours.

Please note that heating times vary depending on multiple factors such as outside temperature, wood type, initial water temperature, etc. 

Heating recommendations


The Terrass stove builds on the basic concept of traditional log burner hot tubs. The log burner sits in the tub, surrounded by the bathing water. Once a fire is started in the main barrel, heat is transferred directly and effectively. The stove is designed to draw air into the fire's core to optimise combustion. This draft also leads the smoke out through the flue. Finally, the stove lid allows the user to adjust the temperature by regulating air intake.

  • Large fire chamber

  • Stove lid

  • High-grade stainless steel


Skargards' signature ergonomic lining is hand-crafted with 5 layers of glass fibre reinforced plastic for a strong, durable and lightweight tub.

  • Multi-layered fibreglass
  • Ergonomic design
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Salt water resistant

What's included

The Skargards Terrass is a DIY hot tub that requires on-site installation. All log burner hot tubs from Skargards are made using the highest quality materials to ensure long-term durability,. Every unit can be fitted with an assortment of accessories e.g. an insulated lid, bubbles and a light.

Standard features

  • Direct heating wood stove made of AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Ergonomic fibreglass tub
  • Easy clip-on fence
  • Fine-polished stainless steel flue
  • Draining plug with floater


Placed out of sight behind the wooden fence, the draining plug is on the left side of the log burner. To empty the hot tub, simply pull the floater that is connected to the plug. Two meters of hose are included to let the water flow out in the desired direction.

Made in Sweden

Every log burner hot tub from Skargards is designed and produced in Åmål, Sweden with the near-exclusive use of Scandinavian materials.

  • Made in Sweden

  • Certified product


Download the instruction manual for the Terrass hot tub.

Premium accessories

Enhance the experience

Wether you’re looking for added style, convenience, protection or functionality, Skargards offers a wide range of premium accessories to customise and complement your new log burner hot tub.

Accessorise your Terrass

Shipping for free in Ireland