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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Winter-proof hose

The sturdy Skargards hose is used for draining the water as well as connecting the filtration system to the hot tub. If the standard hose length is not enough, just add this item to your cart and indicate the desired length.

  • Designed to withstand frost
  • Compatible with all Skargards hot tubs
  • Minimum order of 10 meters

€ 9/m

Ready to ship in 48 hours

Including 23% VAT

Water Drainage

Safely disposing of the water

A 2-meter hose fitted to the drain comes standard with every Skargards hot tub. Add additional hose if you need extra length to lead the water to a sewer, well or any other location for safe disposal.

The connection kit accessory contains a 10-meter hose to connect the filtration unit to the hot tub, which translates to a 5-meter distance between the two. If need be, you can simply add additional hose length to meet your requirements.

It is recommended to not exceed a distance of 15 meters between the hot tub and the filtration unit.


Winter-proof hose


Outer diameter
32 mm

Inner diameter
25 mm 


Winter-proof PVC

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