Skargards Terrass

Built into your terrace, it's a splendid combination of hot tub and pool.

  • Self-supporting tub, easy to install
  • Short heating time
  • Ergonomic and easy to clean
  • Capacity of 4-5 pers or 6-8 pers

Starting at EUR 2.690 incl. transport

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Built-in hot tub

Easy-to-install outdoor hot tub that fits almost anywhere. The sturdy construction lets you mount it without support walls or seat reinforcements. A clear, step-by-step installation manual is included upon delivery.

Quick warm-up

Once fired up, the stove is completely surrounded by the water which warms up due to the direct, radiating heat. The ergonomic shape of the outdoor tub considerably reduces its filling volume. These two features guarantee an accelereted heating time.

Like a pool

Installed at the height of your terrace, the outdoor tub offers the same accessibility as a pool. When ordered with an extra cleaning system, it can be used with the same water for an entire season. Cool for summer days, warm for winter nights.

Choose your colour

All our hot tubs are standardly supplied in white.

Pearl white
Ocean blue

Equipment provided

Our hot tubs are built for long-lasting durability, standardly produced with the highest quality materials.

  • Ergonomic vat composed of 5-layer glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Direct-acting stove made of acid-resistant stainless steel
  • Connecting parts made of acid-resistant stainless steel
  • Rust-proof stove pipe made of fine-polished stainless steel
  • Eco-certified weatherproof wood
  • Bottom drain with hose connection


Capacity 4-5 Pers 6-8 Pers
Price EUR 2.690 EUR 3.090
Diameter 190 cm 222 cm
Volume capacity 1350 l 1800 l
Seat depth 65,5 cm 63,5 cm
Tare weight 75 kg 100 kg

Skargards Terrass

4-5 pers

EUR 2.690

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6-8 pers

EUR 3.090

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About Skargards

Skargards develops, produces and markets Swedish hot tubs and pool equipment. Our factory is located on the coast of Vänern, Sweden's largest lake.

Skargards is one of Europe's biggest wood-fired hot tub producers. Our products are sold in 12 countries throughout northern Europe.

Receive your hot tub from us exactly the way you imagined it. We build each and every hot tub as requested, then deliver it all the way to you – free of charge.

All the tubs are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, a material also used for building boats. We choose exclusively eco-certified wood for our hot tubs.

Payment & delivery

You can pay for your items only once you've received them.

  • Free shipping to Ireland for all products
  • Hot tub ready to be shipped from Sweden within 24h
  • Payment after delivery of purchased hot tubs
  • 40-day cancellation right after delivery

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