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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Filtration system

The Skargards filtration system contains all the necessary components to keep the same bathing water for multiple weeks, provided it is used with an antibacterial agent.

  • Long-term use of bathing water
  • Compatible with all Skargards hot tubs

Recommended for frequent use of hot tub.

€ 520

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Long-term water use

Get the most out of your water

Traditionally, a wood-fired hot tub needs to be emptied after use for hygienic reasons. For those who plan to use it more frequently, the same bathing water can last multiple weeks thanks to the Skargards filtration system. The filter should be installed somewhere weather-proof and frost-protected e.g. in a wooden box with insulation, in a shed or underneath a terrace.

Long-term water filtration requires the use of antibacterial agents.

Connection kit

Closing the loop

The filtration system includes the connection kit to connect the filter unit to the hot tub. Every garden and every setup is unique, which is why the filtration system needs to be installed on-site using the provided manual. The filtration cycle is external and can be fitted with a frost protector for wintertime use.

Polymer filter balls

Premium filtration material

The Skargards filtration system has a large filter tank through which the water flows. Traditionally, such tanks are filled with filter sand, which is heavy to carry and tends to result in small sand particles at the bottom of the hot tub. Instead, Skargards has opted for polymer filter balls. This is the latest in filtration technology, lasting 3 to 5 years and ensuring maximum water clarity in your hot tub.

One bag of polymer filter balls is included with the filtration system.


Filtration system


400 W

230 V

Water flow
6 m3/hour


Please contact us by email to receive Skargards manuals in PDF.

What's included

1 x filtration unit
1 x connection kit
1 x polymer filter balls

  • Certified product

Water maintenance with a filtration system

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