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Skargards Hot Tubs in United Kingdom
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Frost protector

At subzero temperatures, the frost protector prevents ice from forming in the filtration cycle.

  • Frost protection for filtration system
  • Compatible with all Skargards hot tubs
  • For wintertime use of the filtration system

€ 180

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Frost protection

Wintertime filtration

For use of the filtration system at subzero temperatures, the frost protector and the insulated lid are required as frost protection. Ice can quickly form in the filtration unit, which is why the frost protector must remain activated at all times.

Please note that the heater cannot replace the wood stove to reach bathing temperature.

Intermittent activation

How it works

The water flow created by the pump is what activates the frost protector. Simply use the thermostat to set a target temperature. The frost protector will activate when the temperature goes below the target. It will then shut off and repeat the process.


Frost protector


2 kW

230 V


Please contact us by email to receive Skargards manuals in PDF.

What's included

1 x frost protector
2 x coupling

  • Certified product

Wintertime use

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