Our accessories

Enhance your hot tub experience

Underwater lighting

Give your hot tub a beautiful bluish hue with this LED light inside a stainless steel socket. Delivered fully installed when ordered with one of our hot tubs.

  • On/off switch in the tub
  • Durable 12 V LED light
  • Equipped with 2m power cable and plug

Side table

A wooden side table that sits on the edge of the hot tub. An ideal surface to set down drinks or candles. The side table is made from heat-treated wood.

  • Perfect for drinks in the hot tub
  • Compatible with our hot tub cover listed below
  • Fits seamlessly with the rounded shape of the hot tub

Two-tier step

Step into your hot tub with ease. Produced with our red-brown heat-treated wood, the same material used for the paneling of the Panel. Elegantly adjusted to the rounded shape of the hot tub.

Flue extension, 1m

A longer flue improves the effectiveness of the stove and reduces heating time. Made of polished stainless steel. Note that hot tubs are delivered with a standard flue length of 2 meters.

Protect your hot tub

Insulated lid for Panel & Terrass

A luxurious insulated lid to protect your Panel or Terrass hot tub from dirt and precipitation. In winter, the lid reduces heating times substantially. A separate section on the stove can be removed when heating, while the main lid remains on the bathing area.

  • Made of marine-grade vinyl
  • Sturdy foam insulation with steel frame

Canvas cover for Panel

Made of strong sand-coloured canvas, this stitched cover fits perfectly over the Panel hot tub. It prevents dirt and precipitation from accumulating. A telescopic pole in the center ensures optimal water outflow.

  • Strong straps for optimal tension
  • Rustproof structure
  • Easy to use

Canvas cover for Terrass

Made of strong navy-blue canvas, this stitched cover fits perfectly over the Terrass hot tub. It prevents dirt and precipitation from accumulating. A telescopic pole in the center ensures optimal water outflow.

Insulated lid for Regal

A luxurious insulated lid for the Regal model. It is made of marine-grade vinyl, water resistant foam insulation and reinforced with a steel frame. Foldable in the center for ease of use. When heating, the lid can remain on the hot tub which considerably reduces heating time in winter.

Rain cowl

An elegant rain cowl that prevents rain and snow from falling into the flue. Made of stainless steel and fits all hot tub models.

Keep your water clean

Connection kit for filtration system

The package contains a 10-meter winter-resistant hose, PVC glue, connections to the hot tub and all the essential couplings. An elegant solution without any loose hoses over the edge of the hot tub. All connections are delivered fully installed when ordered with one of our hot tubs. If needed, additional hose length can be purchased by the meter.

Winter-resistant hose

Sturdy winter-resistant hose for our hot tubs. Add the item and then go to your cart to indicate the desired length.

  • Designed to withstand frost
  • Exterior diameter of 32 mm, interior diameter of 25 mm

Minimum length of 10 meters per order.


Flue guard for Regal

For peace of mind, this elegant guard can be added to the Regal flue pipe. The protective surface ensures utmost safety when in and around the hot tub.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Recommended for children’s safety

About Skargards

Skargards develops, produces and markets Swedish wood-burning hot tubs. Our factory is located on the coast of Vänern, Sweden's largest lake.

Skargards is one of Europe's biggest wood-burning hot tub producers. Our products are sold in 12 countries and now coming to United States.

All the tubs are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic, a material also used for building boats. We choose exclusively eco-certified wood for our wood-burning hot tubs.

High quality materials

At its foundation, a great product starts with high-quality materials that have been proven to stand the test of time. That is why we carefully select each one in order to create the most durable and enjoyable hot tubs we can.

  • Sustainably-sourced, eco-certified ThermoWood® cladding
  • AISI 316 stainless steel stove
  • Ergonomic fibreglass tub

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